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June 03, 2012

One Lovely Blog Award

This week, I got a pleasant surprise; I have been awarded One Lovely Blog Award by Jodie of Binomialbaker. The idea behind her cooking is, as she is saying, using anything that makes something a tad healthier. Please do go over to Jodie's blog and have a look.

Rules of the award:
  1. Display the blog award
  2. Create a link to the site that nominated you
  3. Tell 7 facts about your self (hard!!)
  4. Choose and Nominate 15 blogs that you like and pass on the award.
So let start...

7 random facts about me:
  1. I love my blog and I still can’t believe I am the author.
  2. Most of my posts are from my own inspiration
  3. My favourite color is green
  4. I could eat rice for every meal. It does taste different from a country to another.
  5. I like shoes. I feel good when I am wearing new shoes.
  6. I enjoy drinking coffee.
  7. I speak French as well. 

And finally, create links to 15 blogs you like or follow and would like to share.
I've had the pleasure to visit wonderful blogs. I would go with 7.... 
and they are still so many that are worth reading so please check them out, you may like them too.

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