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November 25, 2012

Seafood Tortilla Wrap Pizza

Lazy Sunday… lazy seafood pizza; you know when you are craving some delicious, gourmet food but you’re so lazy to make it. You then choose to substitute the fresh ingredients for precooked or canned ingredients.

I used tortilla wrap for the crust, canned clams, canned tuna, smoked salmon and imitation crab meat.

It did taste great but for sure fresh clams and crab would taste way better!

Ingredients: (2 servings)
Two 10- inch tortilla wraps
Fresh clams, steamed (about 1 cup) Or 1 can whole clams, washed and drained
1 small can of tuna (in water), drained
6 thin slices of smoked salmon 
4 sticks imitation crab meat, diced Or fresh Crab meat 
2 tbsp. of your favourite tomato sauce or more
¼ cup low fat mozzarella cheese, divided
Freshly ground black pepper

Preheat the oven to 200c (400F).

Bruch each tortilla wrap with a tbsp. tomato sauce.

Place the clams evenly over each crust, followed by the tuna, smoked salmon and the crab meat.

Sprinkle with black pepper and cheese on top.

Place tortillas on a baking sheet and bake for 8-9 minutes or until the base is crisp and golden brown.

Drizzle with lemon juice and enjoy!


  1. My goodness! I wasn't hungry until i read this post. Another fantastic one, your blog is becoming a must read! - I agree that fresh seafood is nicer, but you made do with what you had and it looks amazing.


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